About the Metro Mothers Network

The Metro Mothers Network is a volunteer not-for-profit charitable organization which evolved from the YWCA Take-a-Break program.

We offer two types of programs to provide an opportunity for mothers to meet in a supportive group setting: women with small children (MumNet), and women with older children (MumVet).

Mission Statement

Helping women face the challenges of motherhood by fostering their emotional, mental, and physical well-being in a mutually supportive, community-based group environment.

Statement of Values

The Metro Mothers Network will:

  • Respect our Members, Volunteers and Staff
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • Support and connect women raising children
  • Promote the physical and mental health of women
  • Promote and enrich our communities
  • Support motherhood and families
  • Provide quality fitness and programming to meet the needs and interests of our members through a shared group experience
  • Educate women about post-partum and maternal depression
  • Provide volunteer opportunities, training, and recognition
  • Provide quality childcare in our groups

Fundraising and Volunteering Key Part of MumNet Experience

MumNet offers great opportunity for personal development and leadership through our volunteer positions within each group and throughout the network. Fundraising is also an important part of the MumNet experience; to keep member fees affordable members participate in three fundraising initiatives each year.


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