Members meet at local community spaces to exercise and network with other mothers.

There are currently 8 MumNet programs and 6 MumVet programs offered by Metro Mothers Network.

The MumNet and MumVet programs are divided into three terms:

  • Fall term (September to December)
  • Winter term (January to March)
  • Spring term (March to June)

A group exercise program is offered with the MumNet and MumVet programs.

On-site childcare and group discussion are offered for all MumNet and MumVet programs.

Registration for the fall program takes place online. Once registered, MumNet and MumVet members retain priority registration for each subsequent term of the year joined. After Fall registration is completed, the Office Manager maintains a centralized waiting list. As space becomes available, the Office Manager will contact the mothers on the waiting list to register them for a specific group.

To inquire about space availability at any of the groups after the fall registration period, new members can call the information line at 416-487-MUMS [6867] or email the  to be added to the centralized waiting list.