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MumNet Childcare

Childcare offered during group fitness and discussion is provided by experienced caregivers who undergo regular training and have had criminal reference checks. Please bring any concerns regarding your children at MumNet with your child's caregiver, group Childcare representative or the Childcare Manager.

Our childcare caregivers are ready to accept infant and children starting at 9:00am in the appropriate childcare room. Children must be picked up and signed out by no later than 11:30am.

Suggestions to help make your MumNet Childcare experience a positive one

  1. Labeling - Please ensure that you label all items accompanying your child: diaper bags, snacks, bottles, cups and clothing (particularly for infants).
  2. Attendance - Each child care room has a Child Care book with an attendance sheet. It is essential that you sign your child in when you drop them off, and sign your child out when you pick them up.
  3. Parental Instructions - Each Child Care book also has a List with each child’s name, age and space for YOUR comments or specific instructions concerning your child. Please use this space to indicate allergies and/or special instructions (e.g. feeding, special needs). Please make sure that the Child Care Workers are aware of your added comments on the second page. Child Care Workers have been asked to review these instructions and to make every effort to follow your wishes.
  4. Voice your concerns about any aspect of the childcare component of MumNet by bringing it to the attention of your child's caregiver, Leader, group Childcare Representative or to the attention of the who oversees all the childcare caregivers for all of the MumNet groups.

Expectations regarding childcare

The type of Child Care provided is babysitting in the infant room, and babysitting with some structure in the toddler/preschool rooms. The structure in the toddler room consists of free play, followed by snack time, then usually a simple craft, and ending with a singsong or story.

Our Child Care Workers try very hard to keep your child happy and comfortable. Sometimes, however, your child may need your attention, either for comforting or nursing, at which time he/she will be brought to you. After nursing or comforting, we encourage you to return your child to the infant or toddler room. MumNet sessions are designed to give all mothers a much-needed and well-deserved “adult time”, without minimal interruption! Having children with us in the meeting room is also a safety concern, with cups of hot coffee/tea sitting on low coffee tables or the floor, and particularly so during those sessions when we are doing a craft (using hot glue guns, scissors, paint, etc.).

If you have a question about the MumNet childcare or if you are interested in enquiring about a position as a childcare caregiver, please contact the .


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