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Volunteers within Metro Mothers Network

What makes the Metro Mothers Network organization of approximately 400 women with a limited staff so successful? Our volunteers!

Many members have used their volunteer work experience as an opportunity to build for future jobs and careers. The value of volunteering is a way of giving to a wonderful organization but also as a way of developing your skills and experience for the future.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, energy and talent to the Metro Mothers Network, please contact the .

We welcome and encourage involvement at all levels of our network of mothers.

Team of Volunteers

Each year, approximately 150 women volunteer their time to assist the Network. Some of the volunteer positions include:

Group Leaders:
These women are the ‘Core’ of Metro Mothers Network. They commit time on a weekly basis to plan and deliver creative programs, facilitate healthy group dynamics, organize and manage paperwork, and keep their administrative teams informed. They attend leader meetings and workshops several times per year.

Administrative team:
This team supports the Group Leaders and is made up of representatives for finance, fundraising, childcare, and communications. Each of these roles is important to ensure the smooth running of each group.

Fundraising Coordinators:
These women are members who assist with our fundraising events, including the Fall sale, the coordination of the Winter Event and the Spring sale.

Area Coordinators:
This team is comprised of women who have all been leaders and have agreed to mentor and support the leadership teams across the Network.

Board of Directors:
The Metro Mothers Network Board of directors is comprised entirely of volunteers. The board is responsible for overseeing the programming for MumNet, MumVet and MumExec groups. The board is typically made up of members with combined experience in a variety of areas. We are always searching for new talent as our orgranization continues to evolve and grow. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Metro Mothers Network Board please send us an email at . These are positions that require commitment and vision. In return, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution will make a significant difference to the lives of motherís throughout the city of Toronto.

  • SKILLS: Marketing, fundraising, human resources, accounting, finance, law, communications, general management, business administration, event management, non-profit governance, education. A passionate interest in making a contribution to Metro Mothers Network.
  • TIME REQUIRED: Monthly meetings (2Hrs/mth) and considerable time devoted to functional areas of responsibility. Board members are asked to consider a two to three year commitment.
  • SELECTION PROCESS: Candidates will be chosen based on best fit to meet the needs of the board in supporting the organization.


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