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MumNet’s sponsorship program provides businesses with a variety of opportunities to promote their products and services to hundreds of highly-engaged moms across Toronto.

With 700+ women joining groups throughout the year and more than 1600 members and alumnae receiving our e-newsletter, when you sponsor MumNet, you build valuable awareness for your brand with a key purchase decision-making demographic (moms!).  In addition, you contribute to a worthy charitable organization!

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Each year, costs associated with operating our organization continue to rise. These costs include group expenses (payments to childcare workers and fitness instructors, supplies, rent at churches, etc.) and central expenses (insurance premiums, office administration, salaries, etc.).

We also offer subsidies to women in need so that our programs are available to all women regardless of financial situation.

Challenged by these ever-increasing costs associated with operating our organization, fundraising has enabled us to keep our fees low and to keep our groups accessible to as many moms as possible.


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