Why MumNet?

Join MumNet - Toronto’s leading moms' group for more than 27 years!
Parenting is the hardest job ever in life. 
You deserve some "me" time!

Join other moms from your neighbourhood for a workout, coffee, and a chance to chat and learn together about anything and everything related to life with kids. On-site childcare is available, allowing you to ensure that your kiddos are getting the attention and care they need, while you connect with other moms and grow your village.

With 15 groups meeting weekly at 10 different locations across Toronto, and programs for new and experienced moms, there's a MumNet group for you!

Not sure which of our two programs, MumNet I or MumNet II, is right for you? We're here to help! Check out our blog post where we break down the differences for you.

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