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MumVet Program Format

The MumVet program offers mothers with school-age children a chance to exercise and network with other mothers while providing on-site childcare.

The weekly program is divided into two segments:

  • A 45-minute group exercise program is conducted by certified fitness instructors who offer basic to advanced techniques.
  • A one-hour discussion segment is facilitated by volunteer leaders and vary from week to week and group to group. Members have an opportunity to lead programs ranging from informal discussions to guest speakers; discussion topics focus on matters related to the health, education and emotional well-being of mothers, their children and relationships.

Childcare is provided by experienced caregivers who undergo regular training and have had criminal reference checks.

Eligibility Policy

MumVet is a program for mothers with school-aged children and is structured the same way as MumNet except for the requirement that members assist with the weekly programming (shared programming).

Membership is restricted to mothers who have at least one child who is four years of age by December 31st of the year in which the first term (Fall) begins (i.e., one child is elegible for junior kindergarten in the public school system).

Locations and Schedule

MumVet programs run from 9:15am to 11:15am each week; on-site childcare is available from 9am to 11:30am.

For information on MumNet locations and days, please visit our Registration page.


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