Boy or girl!?!?

For those of us who have decided to find out the sex of our baby during pregnancy, it is often joked “let’s hope the ultrasound wasn’t wrong” as we set out to prepare for our little one’s arrival.

That’s how one of our moms from our Cosburn group describes her experience with her first pregnancy. After being told she was expecting a girl, she decorated the nursery and shopping for all-things-pink. However, when it came time to deliver her baby girl, she was shocked to welcome a little boy into the world instead. The ultrasound results were indeed wrong and she left the hospital with her little guy dressed in a pink fuzzy onesie!

Now that she is pregnant with her second baby, she thought it would be fun to treat her group to cupcakes and surprise them at the same time and reveal the gender of her new baby! Each mum received a cupcake with an egg on top…. which revealed a pink bunny inside. A girl!!! Now she will get to use those girl clothes after all.

Willa| Kimberly Walker_0004

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