Our first evening event was a success!

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, MumNet wanted to kick off our fall session with a new way for our moms to connect. The feedback that we’ve received from many of our alumni is they miss the camaraderie they found at their weekly MumNet groups. We learned that although many of our alumni moms were back at work, they were still looking to connect with and share experiences with other moms (and miss bedtime every once in awhile!).

That was the inspiration behind our new evening speaker and social series, MumBits + Bites, which provides MumNet members, alumni and other Toronto moms (or women in general!) the chance to get together, catch up, and learn something new from an interesting speaker.

Our first MumBits + Bites event was held on Nov 4, 2015 at Lil Baci (in Davisville) and featured Jessica Nargi, a pelvic health physiotherapist. Jessica was our very own pelvic health myth buster, and shared some fascinating facts. As it turns out, peeing when you sneeze, do jumping jacks, or take a run is not normal. Jessica educated us about Kegels – many of us are doing them wrong…and some of us shouldn’t be doing them at all! Jessica left us with the message that, regardless of what is going on “down there”, there is hope!

After the talk, the group shared some delicious bites and drinks and got down to what MumNet is all about – staying connected with other moms and meeting new people. In pure MumNet style, we even had a baby in our midst!

MumNet would like to extend a big thanks to Jessica Nargi of LifeMark Health for her time and advice and to Lil Baci for hosting our event.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about MumBits + Bites in the coming months. Next stop? The west end!

MumBits+Bites Nov 4-web-3-2

MumBits+Bites Nov 4-web-9-2

MumBits+Bites Nov 4-web-10-2

MumBits+Bites Nov 4-web-11-2

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